Insulated Concrete Forms

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When you need a construction method that’s simple, fast and energy-efficient, there’s nothing better than ECO Block’s Insulating Concrete Wall system.

We believe our insulating concrete form system is one of the strongest and most versatile wall systems globally.

It has a solid core of concrete, which has seen buildings maintain structural integrity during natural disasters, including fire and cyclones.

Our method also offers superior insulation and acoustic performance, creating comfortable and healthy buildings.

The knowledgeable ECO Block team also offers training for first-time builders. Plus, we have product specs and design & building manuals available because we want to ensure you use the ICF building blocks correctly to get the best result.

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We are CodeMark Certified!

Eco Block is proudly CodeMark certified with a certificate of Conformity.

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  • SIMPLER: One System includes Structure, Insulation, Vapour Barrier, FireWall and Fixing Battens
  • FASTER: Easy 3 step process with many applications. Stack, Brace and Pour… that’s it!
  • BETTER: Significantly Stronger, Unlimited Design Scope, Less Waste & Superior Performance

When researching for a “forever home”, choose ICF construction for several reasons. It’s tough, energy-efficient and should last a lifetime with minimal upkeep.

We at Eco Block Pty Ltd aspire to deliver the best living environment for you and your family or employees.

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What are Insulating Concrete Forms?

Insulating Concrete Forms (ICF’s) are an expanded polystyrene formwork used to build concrete exterior walls (and or internal walls) of a residential or commercial building. Reinforcing steel is added into the cavity inside between two foam layers to reinforce the concrete core. This cures and hardens into a single monolithic concrete wall. The foam panel stays in place. This combination of concrete, steel, and foam creates an incredibly strong and energy-efficient structure without adding insulation.

ECO Block is a simple, fast to construct, energy-efficient, Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICF) System complete with battens, insulation and a solid core of concrete of 100mm and up to 600mm, all in a single system.

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ECO Block Features

Branz Certified & NCC Compliant

25mpa to 40mpa at 30 days

Thermal R-Value = 3.78

Acoustic Party wall certificate

Fire Resistant Level of 90/90/90 for 230 Series Wall, and Level 180/180/180 for 280 Series Wall

230mm and 280mm wall = NCC deemed to satisfy requirement of DNTW + Ctr = 45

Certified for use in Bushfire Zones up to BAL- FZ (Highest rating available)

Cyclone rated to Category Five

Insulated Concrete Forms

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If you use our product, we want to make sure it’s used correctly, and you get maximum benefits.

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