If you’re planning on building your next dream home, there are so many reasons to make it an ECO Block ICF house. 

Homes made from Insulating Concrete Forms like ECO Block are proven to be 30 – 60% more energy efficient than traditional build techniques. Plus, those who opt for an ECO Block home will also experience comfort year-round as the building method offers superior insulation and soundproofing.  

ICF homes are also solid due to the solid concrete core and retain their structural integrity during cyclonic conditions and fires. 

Did you know they’re also healthier and cleaner than ‘conventional’ homes? That’s because they’re entirely sealed, so contaminants like dust and pollen can’t get inside. 

Ready to save money on bills, breathe easier and have peace of mind? Invest in an ICF House by ECO Block Australia today.  

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ECO Block Features

Branz Certified & NCC Compliant

25mpa to 40mpa at 30 days

Thermal R-Value = 3.78

Acoustic Party wall certificate

Fire Resistant Level of 90/90/90 for 230 Series Wall, and Level 180/180/180 for 280 Series Wall

230mm and 280mm wall = NCC deemed to satisfy requirement of DNTW + Ctr = 45

Certified for use in Bushfire Zones up to BAL- FZ (Highest rating available)

Cyclone rated to Category Five

ICF House Using ECO Block


  • Safer and stronger – due to the continuous solid concrete core 
  • Durable – not susceptible to warping, rotting, vermin or termites 
  • Comfort – Superior insulation for soundproofing and temperature  
  • Healthier – Improved air quality 
  • Up to 30% – 60% more energy-efficient buildings 
  • Meets Standards – Approved building solution 
  • Versatile – can be used to create curved walls 

Things Owners Like

After Build

  • Comfort 81% 
  • Sound Reduction 65% 
  • Energy Efficiency 43% 
  • Strength (wind resistance, lack of vibration) 31% 


ICF Building: Our Process


    Get in touch with ECO Block by calling 0400 301 411 or send us a message here.


    If need be, we’ll put you in touch with builders and architects who work closely with the ECO Block team to ensure you have the right people working on your project. 


    We offer training on-site for builders and provide the latest technical information to your architect or builder.


    There are three steps in the construction phase – stack, brace and pour.


Over four years ago, we decided to use the EcoBlock system to renovate our Queenslander by building in underneath. The Eco Block system offered a lot of initial advantages. As an Engineer, I found these attractive. We have not needed to install air conditioning downstairs, and it doesn’t need heating. We also notice that the house is quieter downstairs. We are very happy to have used Ecoblock and would recommend it to anyone else.


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FAQs About ICF Houses

Will it take longer to build my home with ECO-Block?

Experienced ICF crews report that building ICF homes can take less time than using wood-frame construction. The ICF construction method eliminates several steps — such as sheathing and insulating the exterior walls —necessary with wood-frame construction. 
We have built singlestory homes in under six days or installed the equivalent of 25,000 bricks in just ten days with four men, including concrete placement.

How do ECO-Block homes resist cyclone-force winds?

ECO Blocks greatest strength is its solid concrete core from 100mm and up to 600mm thick. The most significant hazard to homeowners during Cyclones, Tornadoes and Hurricanes is the penetration of debris driven by high winds. Recent laboratory testing at Texas Tech University compared the impact resistance of residential concrete wall construction to conventionally framed walls. ICFs and solid concrete masonry walls successfully demonstrated the strength and mass to resist the impact of wind-driven debris. Wood-framed walls failed to stop the penetration of airborne hazards.

Won’t the foam burn or give off harmful emissions?

The foams in ICFs are manufactured with flame-retardant additives. The National Research Council reviewed the numerous existing studies of fire emissions. It concluded that the emissions from polystyrene foams are no more toxic than typical softwoods used in home construction.

How does the homeowner benefit from this type of construction?

ECO Block homes are safer as they have a continuous concrete core that is up to 100% stronger than a conventional concrete block wall and have maintained structural integrity in real natural disasters such as tornadoes, hurricanes, cyclones, earthquakes, fires and floods. Ask us about the homes that survived Hurricane Katrina. 
ECO Block Homeowners may save between 30% – 60% (depending on weather zones) of heating and cooling costs compared to conventional homes as they are double insulated. They are also cleaner and healthier as they can be sealed entirely, preventing dust, pollen or other contaminants from getting into your home.

Technical Information/Support – Homeowners who wish to enjoy the benefits of an Eco Block home should talk to us directly about Designers, Engineers and Builders we know have experience designing and building to get the very best out of ECO Block. Our preferred contractors will give you the best value for money on your projects. 
Suppose you already have a relationship with a Designer or Builder for your next home. In that case, they must have the latest technical information. We have recently updated our Engineering & Design Guide, Full Technical Manual and Onsite Training Manuals, which are available by request online or directly. We will arrange product presentations with the latest updates with them.

An ECO-Block Building provides a stronger, healthier, quieter indoor environment.

What about comfort?

Concrete walls built with ICFs effectively buffer a house’s interior from the outdoors. The thick ICF sandwich of concrete mass with 64mm if EPS fire rated (foam) sharply cuts fluctuations in temperature, air infiltration and noise. ICFs keep the inside more comfortable and less drafty than ordinary wood-frame walls. Concerning noise, studies have shown that compared to a typical wood-frame house, only about one-third as much sound penetrates an ICF wall.

Build an ICF House with ECO Block

Are you a homeowner who wants to enjoy the many benefits of an ECO Block home? 

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