Do you need to build a new office space or commercial premise?  

At ECO Block, we believe our Insulating Concrete form is stronger than others available and easier to use.  

Plus, we also have technical support staff to offer assistance and provide on-site training for new builders.  

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ECO Block Features

Branz Certified & NCC Compliant

25mpa to 40mpa at 30 days

Thermal R-Value = 3.78

Acoustic Party wall certificate

Fire Resistant Level of 90/90/90 for 230 Series Wall, and Level 180/180/180 for 280 Series Wall

230mm and 280mm wall = NCC deemed to satisfy requirement of DNTW + Ctr = 45

Certified for use in Bushfire Zones up to BAL- FZ (Highest rating available)

Cyclone rated to Category Five

ICF Commercial Construction: Uses



  • Building technique approved by Building Code of Australia 
  • Significant strength due to the continuous solid concrete core 
  • Soundproofing  
  • Construction is easier and faster than conventional construction methods   
  • Versatile due to unlimited design scope 

Commercial Construction


  • Firewalls 
  • Sound barriers 
  • Tilt slab  
  • External walls 
  • Internal partition walls 
  • Internal load-bearing walls 
  • Retaining walls 
  • Below ground basements and car park walls 

Insulated Concrete Forms

Who Can Use

If you use our product, we want to make sure it’s used correctly, and you get maximum benefits.

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ICF Building: Our Process


    Get in touch with ECO Block by calling 0400 301 411 or send us a message here.


    If need be, we’ll put you in touch with builders and architects who work closely with the ECO Block team to ensure you have the right people working on your project. 


    We offer training on-site for builders and provide the latest technical information to your architect or builder.


    There are three steps in the construction phase – stack, brace and pour.

Commercial Construction with ECO Block

The friendly ECO Block team are ready to assist with your next commercial construction project.

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