Dear Tony,
Jen and I are very happy to provide a testimonial for Ecoblock; we have never regretted choosing this as our building medium and it certainly has lived up to all the expectations we had of the product.

The insulative properties of Eco are excellent, a very important factor when living in the heat of Queensland; when neighbours have their air-conditioners blasting away, we simply put on the fan and sit comfortably, happily saving the not inconsiderable expense of running a ducted air-con system. When people are told how the home was constructed, the surprised looks on their faces is quite amusing, as once the walls were rendered externally and gyprocked internally, you are unable to tell the type of construction. We are amazed that people are still building timber framed homes in termite prone areas like ours; with concrete filled structural walls and steel internal framing, there is nothing to attract the termites in an Eco home. It makes a huge amount of sense to us. Living in a cyclone prone area, we are really happy that we have the home we do; cyclones don’t hold any great fears for us as we are surrounded by a polystyrene clad mass of 100mm reinforced concrete. Great peace of mind.

Thank you for your support during the construction phase and beyond; it was much appreciated. Please do not hesitate to pass on our details, to anyone who may wish to talk to someone who has built from Ecoblock; we would be delighted to talk to them. We both feel Eco construction is one of the best kept secrets in Australia; why governments don’t promote this method of construction is beyond us : in this age of concerns about energy consumption, the use of fossil fuels to supply power for the nation’s air-conditioners, one would have thought they would be embracing concepts that patently conserve energy. To date, we have not paid an electricity bill in the last 6 years; in fact, we look forward to receiving our solar rebate each year.

Keep up the good work with Eco, we are certainly happy that we chose it as our building medium and would love to see many more people come to understand its benefits.

Kind regards
David and Jenny da Costa

Thumbs Up for Eco Block
As a very hands on builder, Adam Guerassimoff of JADA Building Services is always keen to trial new products and try new ideas. After talking to Michael Falloon from Gladstone Bricks Sales on alternative methods of forming up for the construction of his new pool, Adam was convinced that the new Eco-blocks Michael recommended would be perfect.
“There were a number of reasons I decided to give them a try,” he said. “Michael really knows his stuff and I was happy to take his advice in this matter. I saw this as a good opportunity to try the product on my own construction project to see how it went. The blocks turned out to be very cost effective, very manageable and easy to use.”………….Read More

Eco-Block Australia
Dear Tony,
Thank you for all your help throughout the construction of our house. It wouldn’t have been the same without you. Your tireless support made the building process a whole lot easier than it would have otherwise been and your superb product gave us a house far better than we’d hoped for. Our choice to use Eco-block was a fortuitous one. As you know, we originally designed the house in ………….Read More

Dear Frank
I would like to take the opportunity to thank you personally for your enthusiasm and efforts with our project. When I initially contemplated going with an alternative building system to Besser Blocks I had no idea how simple it would be. The thing that convinced me was the discussion I had with the owner at Pinjarra Hills. The simplicity of Eco Blocks is fantastic and the options of different thickness walls is great. To be able to use the same shell and just change the connectors is so simple. ………. Read More

Dear Frank
As a civil engineer with mainly a construction background I have been interested in the concept of Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICF) ever since I happened to see its use in Sweden some 20 or so years ago. My experience has been as a contractor on civil engineering structures such as a dry dock, wharves, bridges, retaining walls etc where the formwork component of the concrete construction activity is the key element in the success of the finished product ……. Read More

Dear Tony
Over four years ago we decided to use the EcoBlock system to renovate our Queenslander, by building in underneath. The Ecoblock system offered a lot of initial advantages. As an Engineer I found these attractive.
We were able to eliminate external retaining walls as the Ecoblock system allowed us to integrate retaining walls in the design. This saved a lot of time and money and allowed extra space. The system was fast and we were not reliant on difficult to get qualified trades such as carpenters and long lead times in some timber materials. We were able to contribute some of our own labour and this allowed the family to be more involved and connected to the building project.

What we have found since the build is many other advantages that we were told about, but to be honest I was skeptical that they would be as good. All four bedrooms were to be air-conditioned and the children were insistent on this, we installed fans, with the view that air-conditioning would be installed later when we did upstairs. We have not installed Air-conditioning downstairs, and find with Ecoblock we do not need it. The downstairs does not have heating either. We also notice that the house is quieter downstairs.

We are very happy to have used Ecoblock and would recommend it to anyone else.

Mark Combe

Dear Tony
Denise and I are currently in the process of building a 4 level house at the base of Mt Coot-tha and in so doing we looked around at possible construction materials and methods. Our financial situation being that we did not have the funds to employ a builder to construct the building to lock-up stage and hence we were forced to do it all ourselves.

After much research and inspection of current projects we decided to use the Eco-Block-Australia system because it offered superior construction technology and support. This system is a Styrofoam Insulated Formwork (ICF) system with a strong and well-designed ribbing-clipping skeleton. The ribbing system is embedded inside the ICF and provides the basis for concrete pour bracing as well as future fastening of walls, studs and cladding – whilst the Foam is self-extinguishing and non-toxic.

Hence we regard the Eco-Block-Australia product to be one of the most outstanding new construction systems of the past 10 years.
One of the main Eco-Block facilities is the high level of professional on-site support that is available through QICF. The commitment and experience that Frank Baarspul of QICF provides is rare in the industry and is sure to become highly successful.

However being a 4 level building project we found this quite daunting, but with the huge amount of big ICF System experience that Frank provides we have so far been able to construct both the ground floor and level 1 wall systems.

It should be mentioned that our building is technically more difficult than most, this is because the walls are non-parallel plus there are some difficult angles. In addition to this the flooring system requires that 350mm purlins be cast into the concrete walls. Hence the building required a much higher level of expertise than an ordinary multi-level rectangular dwelling.

With the essential professional support that Frank provides, we can expect to complete the Level 2 walls in October and the Level 3 (roof support) walls in December. However this will require considerably more skill than simply placing EPS blocks and then filling them with concrete, because in order to get the kind of high quality result that our project demands requires an attention to detail skill and workmanship.

This cannot be appreciated unless you are actually working hands-on with the ICF product. Whilst in building the two level wall systems we have learned a huge amount, there is now way that we could complete the building without the essential on-site assistance from Frank.

We have found Frank to be all of: Creative, friendly, helpful, professional, resourceful and inexpensive. Hence we have no hesitation in recommending him to other intending ICF constructors and builders.
We also found with the Eco-Block that if the building slab is poured using highly skilled concreters that can provide and use a rotary level set to 1mm precision, that the ensuing building floors will also remain level. Frank was able to provide the necessary industry contacts and backup to ensure our slab met this criteria, thus ensuring that our building began with the best prospects.

Thank you for reading this email.
Phil Best
BSc-IT-EE(UQ) CertElecEng(USQ) QBSA OB108298

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