House in the Natural Environment
Brisbane has many areas that are categorized as bushfire prone. Whilst being close to the beautiful natural environment, houses that are built on these types of sites need to be carefully designed to ensure the safety of the occupants. The Insulating Concrete Form (ICF) system is suitable to be used for this type of site due to its excellent fire resistance and durability. It can offer great flexibility in design as well as ease and safety in housing construction.
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Concrete Comfort
A comfortable haven built in Chandler, Queensland demonstrates the ability of concrete to naturally control extreme temperatures. Built of concrete external walls and floors the house is cool in summer and warm in winter providing year round comfort. Thermally efficient, concrete naturally controls comfort levels and dramatically decreases energy demands. Read the Full Article with Photos Here

Thumbs Up For Eco Block
As a very hands on builder, Adam Guerassimoff of JADA Building Services is always keen to trial new products and try new ideas. After talking to Michael Falloon from Gladstone Bricks Sales on alternative methods of forming up for the construction of his new pool, Adam was convinced that the new Eco-blocks Michael recommended would be perfect.
“There were a number of reasons I decided to give them a try,” he said. “Michael really knows his stuff and I was happy to take his advice in this matter. I saw this as a good opportunity to try the product on my own construction project to see how it went. The blocks turned out to be very cost effective, very manageable and easy to use.”….Read More Here

Energy Savings for an Eco ICF Home
The documents below have been provided by Jorge of Builtex Homes based on one of their display homes built with Eco Block.
Average Saving PDF
BERS Rating Eco Lateral ED PDF