ECO Block is a simple, fast to construct, energy efficient, (ICF) Insulated Concrete Formwork System complete with battens, insulation and a solid core of concrete of 100mm and up to 600mm, all in a single system.
Eco Block is low tech and easy to use, with only three components: Panels, Connectors and Braces, which are delivered flat packed on site ready to go. Once they are assembled the blocks stack together like Lego™, reinforcing steel is then placed inside the wall as required, the wall is then braced, and after a final pre pour check the concrete is ready to pour. Once the wall has been poured the adjustable braces can be used to straighten the wall ready for lining.
Then result is a stronger continuous single monolithic concrete wall, the EPS Panels remain in place proving superior insulation, they also have fixing strips embedded in them every 200mm providing secure attachments for the braces and any internal or external cladding system.

ECO Block is cost competitive with all other masonry systems and one of the strongest and most versatile wall systems in the world, it has been used successfully on low cost housing, residential, multilevel and commercial projects.
The Benefits of ECO-Block ICF for :
Eco Block Home Owners enjoy:
• Temperate – Superior Insulation
• Quieter – Superior Acoustics
• Healthier – Improved air quality
• Up to 30% – 60% more energy efficient buildings
• Rot and Termite free
• A safer stronger home (solid concrete)
ECO Block Homes have retained their structural integrity in real Fire and Cyclone Conditions.
• Greater Design Scope
• Larger Door & Window openings
• Moisture resistant
• Healthier Buildings
• Complete Wall system
• Many applications
• Less structural steel
• Any interior or exterior Cladding
• Surpasses all building codes
• Superior all round performance fire, thermal, acoustic & structural
• Simpler – easy to use
• Faster to build with, up to 30%
• Less Structural Steel
• Cost competitive
• Many applications
• Cleaner & Safer Sites
• Onsite technical support nation wide
ECO Block is Simpler Faster Better