Whether you’re dreaming up a new home, high-rise or townhouse, you’ll have unlimited design scope with ECO Block.  

ECO Block is significantly stronger than other masonry solutions, it’s easy to specify, and you’ll be able to achieve a bespoke look and feel that your client will love.  

Our ICF building system is double insulated and has a continuous steel-reinforced concrete core. That means when it comes to safety, strength, energy efficiency, comfort and health, our insulated concrete wall system will outperform conventional construction methods. 

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ECO Block Features

Branz Certified & NCC Compliant

25mpa to 40mpa at 30 days

Thermal R-Value = 3.78

Acoustic Party wall certificate

Fire Resistant Level of 90/90/90 for 230 Series Wall, and Level 180/180/180 for 280 Series Wall

230mm and 280mm wall = NCC deemed to satisfy requirement of DNTW + Ctr = 45

Certified for use in Bushfire Zones up to BAL- FZ (Highest rating available)

Cyclone rated to Category Five

Benefits for Architects and Building Designers

  • Unlimited design scope as it can be shaped or curved  
  • Larger door and window openings  
  • Low maintenance building material that isn’t impacted by rot, warp, mould or termites 
  • Complete wall system  
  • Suitable for many applications, including houses, units, basements, car parks and swimming pools, to name a few 
  • Less structural steel meaning faster and easier builds
  • Any interior or exterior cladding 
  • National Construction Code, compliant and Deemed to Satisfy
  • Superior all-around performance fire, thermal, acoustic & structural 
  • Engineers and designers manual available  
  • Healthier reduced air infiltration and a quieter living environment 
  • Safer/Stronger ECO Block homes have survived real fires, floods and cyclones 
  • Sustainable ECO Block homes use significantly fewer fossil fuels to heat and cool a home for the life of a building vs traditional construction 


ICF Building: Our Process


    Get in touch with ECO Block by calling 0400 301 411 or send us a message here.


    If need be, we’ll put you in touch with builders and architects who work closely with the ECO Block team to ensure you have the right people working on your project. 


    We offer training on-site for builders and provide the latest technical information to your architect or builder.


    There are three steps in the construction phase – stack, brace and pour.

Architect FAQs

What are the design possibilities and/or limitations with ECO-Block?

There are few limitations with ECO Block as it is simply a formwork system. It is light and easy. You create the shape and fill the void with reinforcing steel and concrete. It can also be shaped or curved to suit any design. 
The solid concrete core in an ECO-Block wall can be anywhere from 100mm to 600mm thick and is substantially stronger than a traditional masonry wall. Combined with increased insulation values means that you can have larger door and window openings than a traditional masonry wall in a conventional building. All of the lintels and structural elements can be inside the wall cavity. Floors can also be cantilevered over ECO Block walls ( refer to the Designers & Engineers Manual) 
Eco Block also has furring strips every 200mm in the panel, which allows you to screw fix directly into both sides of the block and attach any finish, i.e. plasterboard or render or timber to the inside or custom orb, brick veneer, stucco and stone or render to the outside. ECO Block offers the most significant design scope, with the greatest strength the higher energy savings. There is no limit to style or form. 

What is included in the ECO Block wall system?

ECO Block is a 3-piece wall system that includes Panels, Connectors & Braces 

  • Insulated Panels EPS formwork with Fixing strips at 200mm centres 
  • Connectors hold the panels together and determine block width 
  • Braces/Scaffold Support the wall during pouring and adjust alignment
    The panels are made of lightweight, high-density EPS and can easily be cut or moulded with basic hand tools. The blocks are quickly assembled by clicking the connectors to the panels stacked in place. Reinforcing steel is then placed where required, the wall is then braced for support. A pre-pour check is completed, the new wall is filled with concrete and realigned. That’s It!!
    Interior linings and Exterior cladding can now be directly fixed to the wall conventionally.

How does ECO Block help architects?

Architects, Designers & Builders now have a significantly better market offering that will add real value to your business/branding. National and International Design & Construction Awards have achieved using ICF technology throughout the World, including New Zealand and Australia. ECO Block is the most technically advanced and yet most straightforward ICF construction system in Australia. Read what some of our satisfied customers have to say. Our experienced technical team actively supports and promotes architects, designers and preferred builders who embrace and use this worldclass technology and refer them to new homeowner and builder enquiries. 

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