ECO Block Home Owner’s enjoy the following benefits:

● Stronger: ECO Block homes have been tested in real fire, hurricane & cyclone conditions and have maintained full structural integrity, where most others have failed outperforming every other wall system available in the market. Steel reinforced continuous concrete walls are the strongest and most economical method of construction known today and have been used effectively for many years.
● Faster & Better: Many builders who use ECO Block inevitably build their own homes with it. Eco Block is a popular choice amongst builders and owner builders, because it is simple and fast, even as a building environment it is safer, healthier and a more ambient building environment.
● Healthier: ECO-Block walls are airtight, preventing the infiltration of dust, mites, insects and pollen into your home, also giving offering you greater control of interior air quality without drafts or cold spots.
● Fire Resistant: Solid concrete structures are far more likely to remain structural integrity with fires than buildings made of other materials. Continuous concrete does not have joints or weaknesses and does not break down until it’s exposed to thousands of degrees far hotter than a typical house fire.
● Sound Absorption: Walls constructed with ECO-Block forms dramatically reduce noise pollution. The result is a super –quiet living environment, 280 series - Dntw+ctr = 51, NCC/ BCA minimum is 45. The 230 series – Dntw+ctr = 45, NCC / BCA minimum is 45
● Cost Effective: Your ECO-Block home will be comparable to that of other energy-efficient structures, but with many additional benefits. Any additional building costs will recovered in energy savings within a short time.
● Heating and Cooling: As soon as you move into your ECO-Block home, you will feel the difference and begin to save money. You could Save 30 to 60 percent or more on heating and cooling costs. ECO Block is double insulated minimizing thermal heat loss when a room is at optimum temperature, providing a stable ambient living environment.
● Environmental Sustainability: ECO-Block walls systems reduce pressure on precious natural resources by replacing timber frame construction which requires additional insulation to reach the same thermal performance and structural integrity greatly reducing the amount of fuel needed for heating and cooling. In addition, an environmentally clean process is used in manufacturing with no CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons) used in manufacturing and a large percentage of the plastic webs and connectors are made from recycled material.

Before you get started there are a few things you need to know about our Team:

We have an experienced team who provide great technical support and on site training, we work closely with a number of Designers, Engineers and Builders who understand how to get the best out of ECO Block on your home. Working with these Designers and Builders will ensure that you will get a better home and enjoy all of these benefits. It is very important to have the right people on your team.

Talk to us about the people in our team who you should be talking to, we are here and ready to help you….
There are also a few things that we need to know about your Team:
If you already have a Designer or Builder for your next home, it is very important that they have the latest technical information, we regularly update our Engineering & Design Guide, Full Technical Manual and Onsite Training Manuals.

There are benefits for your Designer or Builder, even if they have never used ECO Block before:
Designers can enjoy unlimited design scope in terms of style, with any shape or contour "that you heart desires" and unlimited window and door openings due to sheer wall strength. Any interior or exterior cladding can also be applied just the same as any conventional wall.

Builders will also benefit from a system that is lightweight, simple and easy to learn. Less subbies are needed, Plumbing and Electrical services installation is easier with reduced build time and no need to purchase or install battens or insulation as they are included in the system. It is not uncommon for an experienced builder to have all of the walls on a house up and filled within 1 week.

Our friendly team will assist your builder estimate your project, provide onsite training and technical support.
An ECO-Block Home will provide you with a more Simple Faster Better Built Home…